about us

MELA music academy is focused on music education for all. Private tutoring provides the personal attention necessary for each student. Individual lessons allow  students to progress at a pace that is comfortable with them, thereby helping achieve a greater understanding of their instrument.


MELA’s goal is to study music from a wide variety of perspectives. We ‘study’ music by reading, listening, performing and composing. Our master classes, workshops, guest lecturers and performances all strive to build a dedicated and informed music community.


MELA’s comprehensive tutoring allows our students to excel not just in music, but in other areas of life too. They grow musically, socially and intellectually leading to an all-round development that instills confidence and self-esteem.



MELA takes great pride in its teachers who bring valuable expertise, dedication and their love for music through their lessons. Our music teachers work hard to tailor their lessons to meet each student’s needs. In an effort to build a community around music education, teachers share feedback and best practices regularly with students and other faculty members alike.

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To schedule a lesson or visit the space drop us a line on: melabangalore@gmail.com

or call us on +91 9686030684

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