piano lessons

We offer piano classes for kids, teens, and adults – from a beginner to intermediate and advanced. Our program is built with the perfect blend of education and fun. We follow a western classical approach to Piano, while adding the skills you need to grow into a trained musician – always at your pace. 

drum lessons

Regardless of your age, taking drum lessons is a great decision. Are you an adult who has always dreamed about drumming, or a child with an interest in banging it out? All reasons are valid and should be encouraged. Taking up the drums is replete with benefits and it’s not surprising why.


In this music composition course, you will gain a solid understanding of music fundamentals while building your own musical language. This will feed in to your compositions!

guitar lessons

Our Guitar program is excellent for both teens and adults alike. Play your favourite tunes to build skills and ability! Grow at your pace, practicing left and right hand techniques, chords and scales, modes, tone building and most importantly, confidence. Whether you are interested in acoustic, bass, classical or electric, we help you get to the level you want to be.

We offer classes in

Acoustic Guitar​

Classical Guitar

Electric Guitar

violin lessons

Our mission is to help students discover what genre of music they are most passionate about learning, whether it is classical, jazz or pop. Lessons include scales, technique, ear training, sight-reading, and music theory, with an emphasis on solos and duets. We tailor the lessons to the needs of each individual student.


Learn and practice the basic principles of running an effective music ensemble rehearsal. Techniques and strategies are applicable to a variety of ensembles, including bands, choirs, and chamber groups.

vocal lessons

Have fun while developing your voice, your confidence, and your skills performing. Feel the growth right away with the right kind of practice and great instruction. Have a stronger voice with improved tone, extend your range, practice microphone technique, be very comfortable performing and have a voice that is protected from burn out.

We offer classes in

Western Vocals

Carnatic Vocals

Hindustani Vocals

music theory

We know what you might be thinking… and yes, theory can be intimidating, BUT not the way we teach it. Our theory classes only teach you what’s relevant with the kind of song/technique/style we are working on  at present. To put it simply, we do not just teach you how to play, but why it works. You will walk away with a rich understanding of music and the ability to play what’s on your mind, and how to write it so you can share your ideas with other musicians!