MELA Music Academy presents: Bhairavi.

Join us as we celebrate this  Vijaydashami with a Devi Shloka competition for kids! 

The competition will be followed by a workshop for all the participants on the journey of the raaga, a performance by our faculty and dinner for all.

The competition is open to all kids between 8-15 years of age.

All participants must sing one of the shlokas listed below.


Identity cards issued by the school is required for proof of age.
2. A nominal registration fee of Rs 200/-per participant, per event is applicable in 

    each of the above categories. Spot registrations, 300/- per participant per event.
3. Participant can carry only Shruti box as an accompaniment.
4. Time limit for the event is 4mins/participant.
5. Participants are to assemble at the venue half an hour before the event.

6. Prizes will be awarded in two categories, based on the age group of the participant    
7. A Certificate of Recognition, along with the prize would be issued to the winners in each category. A participation certificate will be awarded to all the participants 

after the event.   
8. The participants will be evaluated based on Pitch, Melody (Raaga and Bhaava)

9. To Download the shlokas click the pdf icon below.