Local Drums Lessons

Learn to Play

  • Pop & Rock

  • Jazz

  • Blues

  • Funk

  • Soul

  • Latin Style Drumming

Certification Lessons


  • Trinity 

  • London College of Music

Annual Student Showcase Recitals | Workshops | Summer Camps

For our Local Lessons, we offer ample performance opportunities. We have an annual student showcase where students learn to perform in bands as well as regular recitals and workshops at the academy.

Local Drums Lessons

Pop & Rock | Jazz |Blues  | Funk | Soul | Latin

Mela offers simple yet effective drum lessons for beginners that bypass entry-level pad training. Students get behind a drum kit during their first lesson to start learning how to play the drums. Through private drum lessons, and live performances, students will learn introductory rudiments to drum fills and solos. 

When a student progresses beyond beginner drum lessons, our expert drum teachers guide students through advanced drumming techniques and training methods aimed at making them more skilled drummers. Advanced intermediary grooves, shifts and meters are taught and drilled until perfected. Drummers will ultimately be placed in bands and perform in live shows at the annual student showcase.

How it Works

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We offer one on one private lessons for all our music lessons. You will be coming in one hour, once a week for class. 

The first 3 hours of lessons will be in the one on one format. The last week of the month is devoted to group theory classes which focus on music theory. In the next month you will begin with your 3 private classes followed by theory class.


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Schedule your free trial by filling up the Schedule a Trial form or by calling us.  We will book your trial class at our Music Academy as per your availability.

If you have any queries regarding the course you want to take, you can always contact us and our student counselors will be more than happy to assist you to pick and choose a course and book your trial class.


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We will book your  slot with the available slot timings.

Lessons happen 1 hour once a week and the slot that you have chosen remains fixed every week,  unless you have requested a rescheduled class 24 hours in advance via email.

Once your slot has been finalized, you can pay and begin your music lessons at Mela Music Academy!